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Grass & Grass-like
(Botanical Names)
See Common Names below

Acorus gramineus
Agapanthus africanus
Agapanthus africanus
Armeria meritima
Carex comans
Carex testacea
Dietes bicolor
Dietes iridoides
Equisetum hyemale
Festuca glauca
Hakonechloa macra 'A'
Hemerocallis hybrids
Iris (bearded)
Iris xiphium
Juncas patens
Kniphofia uvaria
Liriope muscari 'SS'
Liriope muscari
Melinus nerviglumis
Miscanthus sinensis
Muhlenbergia capillaris
Muhlenbergia rigens
Nasella tenuissima
Ophiopogon jaburan
Ophiopogon japonicus
Pennisetum setaceum
Phormium hybrids
Phormium tenax 'V'
Rhynchelytrum nerviglume
Stipa species
Tulbaghia violaecae

Grass & Grass-like
(Common Names)

Blue Fescue
Butterfly Iris
Deer Grass
Flax, Variegated
Fortnight Lily
Grass, Feather
Grass, F. Mexican
Grass, Fountain
Grass, Silver
Gray Rush
Hair Sedge
Iris, Bearded
Iris, Dutch
Japanese Forest Grass
Lily-o-t-N, Peter Pan
Lily Turf, Big Blue
Lily Turf, Giant
Lily Turf, Silvery Sunproof
Mondo Grass
Pink Muhly
Red Hot Poker
Ruby Grass
Sea Pink
Sedge, Orange
Society Garlic
Sweet Flag

Genus: Tulbaghia Specific Epithet: violacea Variety: --
Phonetic: tool-bogh-ee-ah vio-lah-see-ah Family: Amaryllidaceae
Root Meanings: Greek five stamens/hybrid group Origin: South Africa CA
Native: No
Common Name(s) : Society Garlic
Zones: 8, 9, 12-24, H1, H2 Exposure: Full sun or light shade

Water: Drought tolerant

Type: Perennial from Rhizomes Persistence: Evergreen to 20 F
Height: 1-2 ft Spread: 1 ft Growth Rate: --
Blooms: Spring through summer Flowers: Pinkish lavender Seasonal: --


  • Leaves can be used in cooking
  • Attractive foliage
  • Attractive blooms
  • Fragrant foliage
  • Suitable for cut flowers
  • Flowers have an unpleasant odor


  • Some may object to the smell of injured leaves

Popular Varieties/Cultivars:

  • 'Verigata'
  • 'Silver Lace'
  • 'Tricolor'

Landscape Use:

  • Border
  • Container
  • Accent
  • Container
  • Ground Cover/Massing
  • Rock Garden
Master List #: 2-11