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Genus: Quercus Specific Epithet: douglasii Variety: --
Phonetic: kwer-kus dug-lus-ee-eye

Family: Fagaceae

Root Meanings: -- Origin: Coastal Central and Southern CA CA
Native: Yes
Common Name(s) : Blue Oak
Zones: 3-11, 14-24 Exposure: Full Sun

Water: Little once established

Type: Tree Persistence: Deciduous
Height: 30-50 ft Spread: 40-70 ft Growth Rate: Fast for native oak
Blooms: -- Flowers: -- Seasonal: Fall Color


  • Immune to sudden oak death
  • California native
  • Low flammability
  • Inconspicuous blooms and fruit


  • Planted 2 on the back fence 3/15
  • Likes dry, hot locations
  • No water in summer for established plants

Landscape Use:

  • Specimen
  • Shade Tree
  • Foothill Woodland Garden
Master List #: 3-15