Jan Fetler ~ Selected Photos from Home

These pictures taken in Sacramento County unless noted.

(Also see my Gardens and Nurseries and Master Gardener photos)

Photographs are believed more than words; thus they can be used persuasively to
show people who have never taken the trouble to look at what is there
.” ~ Eliot Porter

Flowers || Critters || Chickens || Trees || Fruit/Veggies || Succulents || Orchids || Wildflowers

Azalea Flowers common names A through L - annuals, perennials, buibs, and blooming shrubs
Nasturtium Flowers common names M through Z -annuals , perennials, buibs, and blooming shrubs
Cornerstone Sonoma Critters - butterflies, bees, dragonflies, other insects and birds
Cornerstone Sonoma Chickens - my lovely little egg producers
Cornerstone Sonoma Trees
Squash Fruit and Vegetables





Wildflowers - Sacramento County


Wildflowers - Other Counties

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