Yosemite Master Gardener Conference
October 7-10, 2014

Photos by Jan Fetler

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Wawona Photo Tour

First Fence

Second Fence

3rd Fence

Autumn Fern

and the Backlit Tree

Barbed Wire


Mystery Yellow


Closer View

Fall Color

Yellow's Seeds

Solomon's Seal

Uprooted Trees
Mariposa Grove Giant Sequoias

Humble Beginnings

New Life after Fire

Baby Sequoias

Baby Sequoias

After the Burn

Sugar Pine Cones

Fir with Pine Needles

Fir with Sequoias

Grizzly Giant Sequoia

Mark and Jan

Never Plant Horsetail!

Horsetail Meadow

Mystery Blue

Mystery Pod

The Real Deal

Giant Sequoia

Giant Sequoias

Giant Sequoias

The Bachelor and
Three Graces

Giant Sequoias
and the Visitor Center

Happy Spider

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