Private Garden, Rio Linda, CA
April 19, 2017

A Master Gardener friend invited us to visit her beautiful garden.
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Photos by Jan Fetler

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'Betty Boop' Rose

'Betty Boop' Rose

'Betty Boop' Rose

Seedling Iris by Joyce Ragle

Seedling Iris by Joyce Ragle

Lovely Iris detail

'Alien Mist'

'Alien Mist' detail

'Backlit Beauty'


'Battle of the Bands'

'Battle of the Bands' detail

'Bewildered Blue Butterfly'

'Bold Awakening'

'Brown Lasso'

'Brown Lasso' detail


'Center Ice'

'Company of One'


'Coyote Ugly'

'Double Stitch'

'Drama Queen'

'Echo Location'


'Flash of Light'

'Golden Panther'

'Hello Darkness'

'High Desert'

'Horned Flamingo'

'Horned Flamingo' detail

'Jean Clay Plank'

'Kickapoo Kangaroo'


'Latte' detail

'Mad World'

'Meerkat Manor'

'Meerkat Manor' detail

'Reckless Abandon'

'Reckless Abandon' detail

'Spiced Tiger

'Spring Bliss'

'Violet Shimmer'

'Volcanic Glow'
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