Master Gardeners Harvest Day
Fair Oaks Horticulture Center
August 2016

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The People

Bird's Nest
(???), Rosella Shapiro

In the Vineyard
Carole Ludlum, Terri VanAirsdale

In the Orchard
Quentyn Young, Kathy Coulter

In the WEL
Julie Kuzelka
The Plants

Compost Bin

Worm Composting


Asian Pear

'Delicata' Squash

'Rosa Bianca' Eggplant


Harvest Box #1

Melon Sling

Harvest Box #3

Harvest Basket #2

Squash Blossom

'Zowie' Zinnias

Bouteloua gracilis
Blue Grama Grass


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